To all supporters and folks who voted for us.

We did an amazing job. Our true toned conservative message was heard. We delivered it without compromise and kept it clear and clean. We stayed issue oriented. We did it on a time frame of less than 5 months and on a shoestring budget unheard of for the results we achieved. We had a dedicated volunteer force that spanned from Woodbridge to Hunterdon County and included folks from other parts of New Jersey as well as outside of New Jersey including Pennsylvania, Delaware and California.

Our focus was reaching people with people and letting them be heard. We stayed away from annoying robo calls and attack advertising. We stayed on the important messages that lead us into this campaign and that we are continuing to deliver now that it is over. We have a bank of responses that will tell you that this is the type of campaigning and representation is what voters want. Thus you should demand it in the future.

The end result is that 2,529 people voted for us or 8%. Your vote was in that number. I am truly honored to have received it and so is the campaign team. I know your vote was based on your understanding that the right message can win elections and change the America for the better. That makes each vote a treasure to have received.

My only regret is not having more resources and time to have reached more people. The primary election was a step in the process we started over one year ago. Once it appeared on the radar screen, we knew we must not pass it up regardless how it would divert us from our conservative missions. Even at that I stepped out on two occasions from campaign work to take action in Massachusetts and Washington as did all members of the campaign team and I suspect you did as well. That ongoing action is the important task that needs to stay strong and grow and we must be an active part of it.

Based on that assessment and our starting point we are very encouraged by the results. They have motivated us to continue moving the conservative message and capitalize on this important achievement and you will see that progress in more action to come.

I intend to use the statement of your investment, of your vote and support in actions up to 2012 where we may need you again. Only then we will have a long lead time, a longer record of action and more resources.

We still want to hear from you. You can comment on this message on our Facebook Page. You can also email or call.

Thanks you again and please stay in touch as we are not going away.

Lon Hosford

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